What are the Safe Driving Rules to Follow in the UAE?

What are the Safe Driving Rules to Follow in the UAE?

Do you know about the strict safe driving rules in the UAE? Do you want to spend 1 month to 3 years in jail? Obviously, not! The Police Department and The Roads and Transport Authority RTA show zero tolerance towards those who violate traffic rules. You will have to pay heavy fines or penalties.

This article will help you know about the driving rules. Lets us review those rules so you are not unaware by the police. If you are not an excellent driver, hire a safer driver in Dubai to enjoy a swift and fear-free journey.


Unlike other countries, you are not eligible to drive any vehicle on roads if you are not 18 years old. However, if you are not eligible to drive, you can book a safe driver in Dubai to enjoy your road trip anywhere.


Personal protection:

Always remember to bring your driving license with you to avoid any inconvenience. Make sure you have fastened the seat belt. Do not use your mobile phone while driving unless you are driving in wire-less mode.


Speed limit:

The maximum allowed speed limit for the Residential zone is 40 KMPH. In the Urban zones, your speed must between 40 KMPH to 80 KMPH. Similarly, you can achieve a maximum speed limit of 120 KMPH and a minimum speed limit of 100 KMPH on the Highways. You can trust a safe driver in Dubai because they maintain the speed limit and continue a smooth journey.


Kids’ safety:

Pay extra attention if you are driving with kids. Make sure you have installed a child lock in your car and your child is sitting on the front seat. Even you can use booster seats for babies weighing less than 36 kg. The designated safe drivers ensure the safety of your family and adopt the quickest route towards your destination.


Penalty for consuming alcohol:

According to Federal Law No. 21 of the 1995 Concerning Traffic rules, if they caught you drunk while driving, you have to pay a fine of a minimum of AED 20,000. Moreover, your vehicle will be confiscated for 60 days. They can suspend your license from 3 months to 2 years. You could be sent to jail depending o your penalty.


Use of headlights:

Always use your headlights during night time. It also improves your visibility to see roads and shows your presence to the other cars. Maintain sufficient distance from other cars so that you can swiftly turn or apply brakes. A designated safe driver makes sure he is following all traffic rules to take you safely towards your destination.


Lane crossing:

Try not to overtake other cars in the UAE because they considered it illegal. Use rear-view mirrors and side-view mirrors to monitor the traffic behind you while crossing the lanes. Use indicators. If a driver is flashing headlights on you it means he urgently wants to overtake your car. Allow him to cross the lane.


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