I am too drunk to drive-book trusted and sober chauffeur service in Dubai

I am too drunk to drive-book trusted and sober chauffeur service in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist spots. Many people come here to attend international festivals. Being a resident of Abu Dhabi, I also visit Dubai every other day. I have been living here for five years. I spent my entire life in Amsterdam. That’s why I like visiting night clubs and evening parties at weekends. The Dubai Road Traffic Authority has set up strict rules and regulations to drive safely on roads. Even you are prohibited to drive while you are drunk.

I think getting the chauffeur service in Dubai is practical and safe. I have a strong trust in them. It was Friday night, I was in Dubai, and I got a call from one of my colleague. He invited me to a party. Unfortunately, I did not have an appropriate suit to dress up according to the party theme. I could not refuse her. I called Safer Driver Dubai to book a driver for my pickup. Right after 10 minutes, the chauffeur was outside my hotel room. I took my wallet and instructed him to take me to Dubai Mall.



I was satisfied because I was going with a safe driver in Dubai. Relaxing on the back seat of my car, I visited websites of many clothing brands and selected an outfit for me. It saved my time from roaming in the mall. It was a comfortable journey and I reached there in no time. I went into the mall, purchased the dress, got ready in the bathroom of the mall, and headed towards the party.

Everyone knows parties are all about drinking, dancing, and having fun. How could I resist myself? On my way to the party, I got an idea to book their sober driver in Dubai for after-party pickup. Instead of staying up at my friend’s home, I preferred getting their service. Oh Gosh! I had endless fun there. Finally the party was ended around 1:45 am. I was having a chit chat when my driver arrived.

I left the glass of vine, picked my wallet, and sat in the car. The sober driver in Dubai opened my car’s door and I lied there. I was not drunk too much. He had complete knowledge of the locality and adopted the quickest route to reach my hotel room. In just 25 minutes I was standing outside the hotel. I paid him via cash and gave him 20 AED as a tip for his professional service.

Believe me, their safer driver in Dubai was honest, professional, and certified. They know all traffic rules so any chance of paying heavy fines for violation of traffic signals is ruled out. I did not felt any bump while coming back to the hotel. The most amazing thing is safety and comfort. It does not matter how much cash you are carrying, you are safe while riding with them. The safer driver drove my car with responsibility and care. I really appreciate their chauffeur service in Dubai and recommend it to all of my friends.

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